Runway Configurations   
APRTArr RwyDep RwyAARDetails
CYUL24R/24L24L/24R 30  
CYYZ24R/2323 56  
CYYC35L/R35L/R 52  
CYVR26L26L 24  
  GDP/AFP   Help 
LocationStart Date / TimeEnd Date / TimeScopeReasonADVZY No.
There are currently no GDP/AFP's in effect.
  Ground Stops    Help 
APRTStartEndScopeReasonADVZY No.
There are currently no Ground Stops in effect.
  Restrictions    Help 
AreaStart Date / TimeEnd Date / TimeAffectedDetailsOriginating UnitProviding UnitADVZY No.
There are currently no Restrictions in effect.
  Routes      Help 
RouteStart Date / TimeEnd Date / TimeMITDepartureDestinationADVZY No.
There are currently no Routes in effect.
  Cancelled Initiatives   Help 
DetailsADVZY No.
There are no Cancelled Initiatives.
 Outages and Runway Closures  
This is not a complete list of Service Availability. Please consult current NOTAMs for complete information.
LocationStart Date / TimeExpected Stop Date / TimeDetailsReasonNOTAM
CYUL12/1950  ILS GP RWY 06L U/S until Jun 15 ConstructionE1993
CYUL19/1947  RWY 06L/24R SHORTENED until Jun 15 ConstructionE1962
CYUL11/1222  RWY 10/28 CLSD AVBL AS TWY until Jun 20 ConstructionE1970
CYVR30/1531  ILS CAT II/III RWY 26R NOT AUTH until Apr 30 MaintenanceC0411
CYUL10/1800  ILS CAT II RWY 06L APCH: NOT AUTH until Jun 08 MaintenanceE1692
CYVR11/2128  ILS GP RWY 26R U/S until Jun 01 ConstructionC0778
CYVR20/1231  RWY 13/31 CLSD until Apr 20 VolumeC0860
CYYC24/1337  RWY 08/26 CLSD til Jun 21 MaintenanceC0872
 Flight Checks  
LocationStart Date / TimeExpected Stop Date / TimeDetails
There are currently no Flight Checks in effect.
  Miscellaneous    Help 
DetailsADVZY No.
Until further advised, there will be no structured airspace for Eastbound or Westbound domestic flights transiting ZQX/ZQM.
NOTAM issued for scheduled carrier international inbound flights to Canada to land CYUL/CYYZ/CYYC/CYVR - F0698/G0356/H0786